Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wanting to start sewing again.

I really do enjoy sewing. I did a bit over the Christmas holidays, making gifts for my children. I find it difficult to get inspired. I don't want to only sew at the holidays, so I decided on something to do that will hone my skills and help out other people.

Locally, we have a pregnancy crisis center. They do great work making sure that low income women have the help they need to take care of their babies. We all know how expensive it is to raise children, especially just starting out with basics for babies. Diapers alone can cost a small fortune and with as quickly as they grow out of their clothes you can find yourself coming up short if you are without a job or not making much money.

I thought I would make burp cloths, bibs and blankets. Sewing a blanket is much easier than you might think. I made my youngest a security blanket for Christmas and it was very simple. I also crochet and have made a blanket. I don't do fancy, just functional, so while I think my work is still pretty, it definitely does the job. So, this is my plan and I hope to be able to share pictures with you in the future. Do you sew and donate your wares?

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