Monday, March 7, 2011

I promised I'd write more, but...

My life has been a little crazy. Between the holidays that were so wonderful and starting our homeschooling, I have been running around like mad. Please accept my apologies for being absent.

I really don't have any tips or tricks for today's blog. My house has been neglected as of late. I need to kick it in gear and get cleaning. We pulled the kids out of school in January. I was going to give them a few weeks to decompress before I started with them and I needed the time to get an idea of what they needed. Well, the little munchkins decided they wanted to get started and between that and everyone gtting sick at different times, it threw my schedule off.

In the state of Indiana, you have to have 180 days of instruction. The days they were in public or private schools count toward that goal. The state doesn't really check, but I am an honest person, so I keep my day to day attendance log. I decided we would do a six week on two week off schedule. It will give us more than the state's requirement and the children and I will not experience the burnout that I so desperately want to avoid. Since they wanted to start early, I was able to end early and we get a month off. Yay!!!

I need this time to get my house spring cleaned and to get better aquainted with the new curriculum I purchased. I am very excited about both. For one, my house has been closed up all winter and I am ready to air it out. Second, the curriculum is so artsy and full of nature, it can't help but be enjoyable.

We have also started gearing up for spring, but you'll have to hop over to my other blog, The Good Little Housewife's Homesteading Adventures. There are many interesting things going on in our backyard.

I will be back soon. I am going to try (I really mean it this time) to keep one or both of my blogs updated. If you can't find me here, try the other one.

Talk to you soon!!!