Monday, April 18, 2011

Kids Corner Time!!!

I have been working like a mad woman over the past couple of months. I have been looking for just the right way to educate my kids. So many people use so many different things that it can become hugely overwhelming. I did decide on a prepackaged curriculum. It is a wonderful package, but I am finding difficulty in using it because of it being spring and the syllabus starts with the fall. I may just put it away and go back to what I was using before I bought the curriculum.

The web is full of wonderful resources. One that I found was created by a homeschooling mom for her boys. She shares everything from her lesson plans in hopes that you can use it to meet your children's needs as well. In looking over it, I found that I could use several aspects of it, most of which was the literature and history/geography.

The books you can download from her site are now in free domains so you can download these books, print them, read them online, whatever you wish. I save them as PDF as often as possible and download them to my Kindle. Many of the books are formatted for Kindle. She uses Project Gutenberg for her books and a few of them are on blogs and other websites. I looked on Google books and found a few of them for free there. It's all in how much work you are willing to do.

Either way, if you are growing weary of the selection offered to today's youth, hop on over to Miss Maggie's site. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Old Fashioned Education

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  1. I like her site as well, and it's easy to substitute items to fit your needs.

    I agree. It's such a blessing to discover all the free resources online, and it's amazing how much children pick up these days just from educational television, the internet, and books! My daughter is five and she has picked up most of her learning from the Disney and PBS young children's shows. She also spends a lot of time on, free online. Then there are the free print-outs galore, the library, and visits to museums and nature walks. That being said, my son(now 13) learned(s) much better with a structured curriculum of workbooks and classic(vintage) learning books.

    It's funny how different two siblings can be. I think my daughter is beginning to inspire him to reach into hands-on learning. Her interest is contagious.